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Nana Palkar Smruti Samit’s progress is possible because of your active support & blessings. You have understood the social need of various projects undertaken by us.

It is very troublesome for an outsider to move from pillar to post for medical treatment for ailing disease of cancer, Kidney Failure etc. Nana Palkar Smruti Samiti, offers free Lodging, Boarding & Special Medical services to these patients. Your love, affection & belief towards various activities of NPSS, is the backbone of our bright career.

In order to bring permanent financial stability to carry out our various activities of NPSS, we have raised a “Corpus Fund” of Rs. 9.71 crores in joint association & efforts with you. The interest on these will serve dual purpose of

i) Satisfying dream of self-reliance, ensuring existence of activities forever
ii) Undertake new social projects which were not considered for financial support in the past, thus Samiti can accept new social challenges.

In addition to general donation, you can also give project specific donations for the following projects-

Sr. # Project Amount Remarks
1 Fruit Distribution to TB patients on every Thursday Rs. 10,000/- Per week 4-5 seasonal fruits per patient per week

Annual expenses are 5.2 Lakhs

2 Dates distribution to TB patients on every Thursday Rs. 25,000/- Per week 200 gms. per patient per week.

Annual expenses are 13 Lakhs

3 Daily food expense shortfall in Rugna Seva Sadan Rs. 12,000/- per Day To enable us to give breakfast @ Rs. 5 and lunch / dinner @Rs. 10 for about 228 people we have shortfall of rupees 12000 per day. In this, we give food free to some people those who cannot afford even these rates.
4 Financial Medical Aid Any amount above 1 lakh At present we are distributing about 10 lakhs a month to about 200 patients every month amounting to 1.25 Cr. Per year.
5 Dialysis patient support Any amount above 1 lakh This amount will be utilized for dialyzer, tubing, fistula, injections, blood & other tests, medicines of the very poor patients who cannot afford
6 Corpus Fund Rs. 1 crore We will be putting the amount in corpus fund and the interest of it will be utilized for floor maintenance for which the donation is given and balance amount will be put in medical aid project. The name plate will be put on one floor. At present 3 floors are balance to be named.
7 Rooms charges shortfall Rs. 38,000 per day We have 38 rooms in which 6 people stay. We charge 100 rupees per person but 95% of patients cannot afford this so we give them free of cost. The total expense to us is rupees 1000 per day which include, water, electricity, labor, taxes, overhead and repair & maintenance (room & floor maintenance is excluded)
8 Ambulance running expense shortfall Rs. 50,000 PM We are giving free service to inhouse patients to go to hospitals. The ambulance running cost including fuel, insurance, driver / attendant salary and repair & maintenance comes to 6 lakhs per year.
9 Dispensary running expense shortfall Rs. 25,000 PM In our dispensaries, we are giving general medicines in 10 rupees or free to nearby area people who cannot afford the doctors fees of rupees 200-300 for routine illness. The dispensary running cost including water, electricity, attendant salary and repair & maintenance comes to 3 lakhs per year.


On this belief, we sincerely request & appeal you to contribute for this noble cause. We are proud to inform that you can avail 50% rebate on your contribution US 80G of the IT Act. You should inform your PAN number along with Donation.

Please draw your cheque favoring, “Nana Palkar Smruti Samiti” send it to our mailing address along with your Full name, detailed Address, Email ID, mobile Number, Tel. Number to enable us to send the receipt to you.

You can also give the donation on line for which the details of our bank are given on “contact us” page. Please ensure to send all details mentioned above along with the transaction ID to our

You can also join us, by giving some valuable time for good work and helping us in some projects like-

• Fruit / date distribution in TB hospital,

• blood donation camp,

• assisting in financial medical aid,

• writing in our quarterly magazine “Rugna Mitra”

• getting CSR funds or general donations from people,

• Counseling to Cancer, kidney and TB patients

• talking to various people and understanding the needs of people so that we can start some new projects.

You are cordially welcome in the family of Nana Palkar Smruti Samiti.