50% Tax exemption certificate under section 80-G of the I.T. Act & 100% Tax exemption certificate under Section 35AC


Medical Expenses:
Samiti provides cash help to the needy patients at Tata, KEM, Wadia, Nair, LTMG, Research Center, J. J. Hospital, & T. B. Hospitals for the cost of operations, medicines etc. over 700 patients are benefited to the total tune of about Rs. 15.00 to 20 lacs per year.


Food :
Free food is supplied to the patients and their accompanying persons who cannot afford to pay for the same. These beneficiaries are staying in the sadan. Besides, 30 mothers who are accompanying with child patients at Wadia Children Hospital, Parel; 40 mothers accompanying with child patients in J. J. Hospital pediatric Dept.; and escorts of poor patients at Nair Hospital are provided with free lunch every day. Also these mothers and OPD patients at Tata cancer hospital were provided with tea, coffee, milk, biscuits, banana every day.
Fruits :
Samiti provide 4 to 5 fruits to each patient on every Thursday through their volunteers at T. B. Hospital, Sewree; Indian Cancer Socy. Rehabilitation Centre, Parel and Wadia Children Hospital, Parel (about 1100 Patients).