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Madhu Aushadh Pedhi

Medical Expenses : NPSS also provides financial assistance to poor patients undergoing treatment at Government’s hospitals like Tata Cancer, KEM, LTMG Sion hospital & Wadia hospital. After receiving the appeal from for poor patients from Medical Social Worker (MSW) of the respective hospitals, after verifying the genuineness of the claim, the financial aid is provided by making direct payment to the concerned hospital on behalf of the patients. We give amount in the range of Rs.2,500/- to 5,000/- per patient depending on requirement and more in exceptional cases. At present we extend the financial assistance to about 100 patients amounting to Rs. 5 lakhs per month. This service is being offered since 2005.

It is noticed that though the Government Hospitals are giving medical treatment to the poor patients the relatives accompanying the patient do not have any arrangement of food, they usually stay on nearby footpaths. Therefore, NPSS undertakes free distribution of about 165 cups of tea with biscuits to relatives of cancer patients, staying on footpath of Tata Hospital & 50 cup tea to mothers of children in Wadia Hospital for children; this service is provided since 2004

a. Lunch Tiffin- Daily 50 food packets comprising of Puri-bhaji are being sent to mothers of children in Wadia Hospital since 2005.

b. Supplying 200 chapatis to Nair Hospital for feeding relatives of the patients since 2010.

c. Free fruit distribution at Sewri T.B.Hospital, Indian Cancer Society & Wadia Hospital for children since 2006, From last year we have started giving dates to TB patients along with fruits every week.

d. We provide food at subsidized rate to the patients & relatives of the patients staying at Rugna Seva Sadan. Lunch is provided at Rs.10 & Breakfast is provided at Rs.5 Daily about 150 persons take benefit of the same. We have introduced this service since 1999.


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